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The Olive, A Poem

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

Whether black or green olives I love to eat

They are a great snack and sometimes are sweet

The day arrived I find not too neat

It deserves one last repeat

It started as any day

School, work, and some play

Grew hungry my cousin and I did

And on a pizza we made a bid

We were headed to Kentucky, our home

Driving my red tomato, my car with a dome

No Pizza was found when we arrived at the store

Waiting for a free pizza proved no chore

Two hungry college boys got a free meal

That ham pizza was certainly a deal

We grabbed that pizza and headed east

We ate it like wild savage beasts.

The pizza was making us full and sore

But I was going to eat for sure one more

Reaching for that next bite

I saw an olive and said, "This has made my night!"

Then I saw the most unforgettable thing

My heart skipped two beats and a bang

Seeing two wings and two eyes, I nearly spewed

I bid that pizza adieu

The slice went soaring into the sky

My beloved olive was a cooked-in fly

But that is not the worst

This bubble I hate to burst

While we ate that feast

While eating like wild beasts

My heart would rejoicingly sing

If there were no eyes or wings

But alas, we can only assume

For that pizza was consumed.

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