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N. D. Greenman

     As a father of five children, N. D. Greenman has realized a void exists in modern literature. Where are the wholesome and adventurous stories? There are some authors who produce good works, but most of the modern literature is saturated with vulgarity and lewd content. Juvenile Literature and Adult Literature are exciting but unfit for the eyes and minds of those concerned about morality and godliness. Therefore N. D. Greenman has set out to offer exciting stories that challenge the reader, but those readers will be comforted to know that profanity and lewdness will not be a part of the plot or vocabulary.

Tole Publishing's Releasing A
New Book! 
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The Crimson Rise
Sneak Peak

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The evil Crimson Army marches across Manӓhu.  Wanted by the Crimson Army, fifteen year old Junath Symp must travel alone seeking his brother who abandoned his family years ago. 

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