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The Greenman Library

N. D. Greenman's list of works is growing. Below you will find his library of works.

Crimson Rise (4).png

Junath Symp must brave the wilderness in search of his brother who abandoned his family 13 years before.

A Children's play about a servant girl who saves the life of a young troll.

Acts Cover 9.13.23.jpg

J. W. McGarvey's original commentary on Acts is a timeless dissertation on the book of Acts. N. D. Greenman edited this edition of McGarvey's commentary for a modern audience.

The coronavirus pandemic ushered in an era of intense debate on many subjects. N. D. Greenman coauthored this ebook with Jason Leber and Perry Hall to address the pandemic from a biblical perspective.

Kindle Book Cover_2.jpg
Civil War Vol 1.jpg

Volume 1 Covers the battles of the American Civil War during the years of 1861 and 1862. This bird's-eye-view of the war is a perfect complement to a student's curriculum. With each battle you will have the date, location, commanding officers for both the Union and Confederate, and who won.

The timeless tale of Ebenezer Scrooge is retold as a children's story. But with this edition, N. D. Greenman has created a fun handwriting exercise notebook covering all the letters of the alphabet. 

Christmas Carol.jpg
Adult Cursive.jpg

 Are you wanting to improve  your penmanship 

and retain more knowledge? N. D. Greenman uses famous quotes and Scripture to offer opportunities for young and old alike to improve their handwriting and notetaking skills.

Cursive for Teens is an opportunity to encourage a new generation not taught the value of cursive writing how to read and write this elegant form of our modern tongue. Exercises begin easy and progress to the more complicated. 

Teen Cursive.jpg
Would You Rather.jpg

This charming book is designed to encourage new writers to explore their creative minds by choosing each day between two options. The topics range from the fantastic to the sentimental. 

These fun and animal filled books are designed to give children the opportunity to develop their handwriting or cursive writing techniques while discovering God's creation.

Animal Facts Print.jpg
Tic Tac Toe.jpg

These classic childhood paper games are now available in these handy notebooks for the kids on the go. And when I say kids, I certainly mean the kids in heart too.

Cursive Animal Facts.jpg
Dot Game.jpg
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